Escargots with Greek traditional pasta. 🐌


  • soup pot
  • bowls


  • local escargots(1 potato; yiayias tip to boil the snail in the right time)
  • homemade traditional pasta with dry mix veggies
  • onions
  • white wine
  • tomato paste
  • tomato cubes
  • sugar
  • chicken broth
  • Olive oil


Snail Preparetion: It is better to purchuse snails from a producer due to feeding steps and cleaning the snails guts… So, you have a net full of living snails but they are sleeping. Wake them UP by placing them in a Big plastic bowl filled with water and wait for 30min up to an 1 hour. Attention! Above the bowl place a hevy item (ex. lit) to cover all tIMG_20170626_183659_961he serface of the bowl because the snails will try to escape! (you don’t want that… =p).

After the “waking time” you might notice some of them haven’t woken and still have the thin layer in the entrance. Do NOT use this snail, it’s probably dead…(or in a very very sloth situation =D)* Change the water by washing the living ones very thoroughly in order to remove any dirt from the shells.

Boiling Prep.: In the big soup pot place water, salt, a cup of vinegar. Immediately place the living snails in the pot. (do not wait for the water to boil). Cover the big soup pot with a lit. Boil them for 30 minutes(make sure all the snails are in the water and not in the walls). Remove the boiled water and place cold water on top of the snails. In this way you cool down the snails and you make sure that you can remove them from their shells easily.

In this step you can store them in the freezer up to a year.Otherwise proceed with the recipe.


  1. Saute the onions and after add the pealed snails.
  2. Put white wine and wait to evaporate it.
  3. Add the seasoning(salt, peper)
  4. Add the tomato cubes and a pin of sugar.
  5. Add the pasta and the chicken broth.
  6. Mix well and continusly mix.
  7. After 30min or less depenting on the heating your food is ready.

    Enjoy Freely



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