Morné Sauce (Bechamel’s Baby…)

Hi all! So, morne sauce is derived from the original bechamel. You knew it?! Ohh your welcome! 😂


  • Fué 
  • Medium pot
  • Heating: gas or electric


Original Bechamel

  • 60g Butter 82% lipids
  • 80g  Flour for all purposes
  • 1Lt Full fat Milk
    1. Preheat the stove in medium level.
    2. Add the butter in the frying pan till it melts.
    3. Add the flour and whisk it with the fue till you have a dough or you will see all the ingredients combined.
    4. What you just make is called ROU!
    5. Pay attention now, you need to place the milk slowly slowly in the pot [some of it will evaporate and produce steam=do not place your prety face close the pot; u’ll be burnt] and Whisk it really quick(!). Otherwise the mixture will stick to the pot…so whisk-whisk realy quick. 
    6. When the milk is absorbed into the rou pour the rest of it slowly slowly and continiue to whisk.
    7. Folow whisk-pour milk-whisk-pour till you will have placed all the milk and you have created a smooth creme. 
    8. Tip: if the heat is too high remove the pot from the stove, keeep whisking till the mixture is homogenised and then put milk, whisk and place it in the stove again. Repeat if needed🍳

    BRAVO! now, keep going to make the Morné sauce…☇

    Morné Sauce

    • Original Bechamel(the above quantity)
    • 1+1/2 cup(or 2 hand-full) Mixure of hard cheese(ex. Reggiano)
    • 1 egg
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Nutgment
      1. This is basicaly easy if you have make the Original Bechamel.
      2. You have the bechamel and then you add the cheese to lower the temperature whisk it till melts.
      3. After add the egg, whisk and the seasoning to your preferense( i personaly really like the nutgment so i place quite a lot)

        😀You Finished! Ouuff 😥Congratulations😄 

        Tell me how it went😉




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