Toast or Sandwich?! #Breakfast ⛾🍞🍑

When I was in England for my Erasmus Placement I had the privilege of learning the difference between TOAST vs SANDWICH! …😂 (laugh) Do you even know there is a difference?! I didn’t and I learned it by ordering just a toast with a coffee in a café… no words what I ate but the fault was on me. I had only two slices of bread and butter. That was it. So, lesson learnt.🤓 

About my Sandwich at the photo…well 2 slices of bread (your choice)🍞 then butter, slice of cheese and turkey. In my opinion butter will make all the difference in your sandwich…i am using local cow’s butter 82% fat(ohhh yes, and i love it!). Now the cheese is also important but here i use low fat (irony😂). Make your coffee⛾and grab a fruit your breakfast is realy to be consumed!! 

Enjoy Freely 



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